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Top precision tools

The products

The supply of tools is wide and differentiated.

SPL Woodworking Tools has always been known for numerical control machining centers’ equipments which can work massive wood and MDF.

The quality of profiled tools for pantograph is excellent.

These tools are produced with brazed welding knives or with reversible knives.
Cutting hedges head for planing, cutters for combined operations and group for frames are some other example of high-level products of SPL Woodworking Tools.

Co-operation between SPL Woodworking Tools and Italian and foreign big companies, which are working, mainly, in semi-manifactures sector and in the furniture components’ sector, contributed to the developing process of reliable tools and efficient profiled knives.

Our technology

The manufacturing process

In the factory, skilled workers and technicians works at the components of tools on “five axis machining centers”, on “numerical control” machines and on particular equipments projected by the engineering department and realized in the factory.

Mill finish of tools is implemented on machining centers.
The brazed joint, a really delicate stage of the production process is handly executed by skilled technicians.

The locking system for cutters which have mechanical setting knives is developping and improving year by year.

The flexible placement and the complete interchangeability of cutting edges reduces tooling times and therefore unit costs of customers’ worked products are lower.

The enterprise assures the supply of spare parts for every tool, year by year.

SPL Woodworking Tools has been the first to a use nickel galvanic process to treat tools’ surface. This process protects tools from corrosion and adhesion.

Mensurations tests and electronic balancing tests are executed on every tool produced at SPL Woodworking Tools. After these tests, it is possible the excellent utilisation of tools to work complex profiles which have narrow tolerance also repeating the work on time.

Data requested by CE regulations and serial number are marked by laser on every tool produced at SPL Woodworking Tools.

The customer can identify every tool and therefore he can easily request for the right spare parts.

SPL Woodworking Tools Tel. +39 0577 944846 Fax +39 0577 944791

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