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General condition of sale


All the orders must specify exact indicatons of the tools and all the necessary data for their construction.

Cancellation of orders can be accepted only after payment by the purchaser of all the expense sustained to that moment.


The prices stated on the price-list are for goods delivered Free Factory. Variation of any characteristics of the tools specified on the Price-List are subject to augmentation of price.

For intermediate size, the high size must be used.


The terms of delivery stated on our confirmations are given in good fatith for information.

No cancellation of orders and no reduction of price can be made in case of delivery delay.


At the purchaser own risk. The goods may be shipped in another way if we consider this ti be better.

Shipment expenses will be charged to be purchaser.


The payment of the goods should be made to the following conditions:

The terms of payment stated on the order can be changed by SPL Woodworking Tools withpout notice.

If the terms of payments are not respected all the relative expenses will be changed to the purchaser.


Goods can not be returned without the prevoius agreement of SPL Woodworking Tools.


We guarantee the delivery of the tools without flaws as stated on the catalogue.

Tools that SPL Woodworking Tools considers damaged by manufacturing defects will be repaired or changed if the request is made within a delayof 8 days fromm delivery.

No guarantee will be recognized if damages turn to be due to a wrong use of the goods, improper grinding or widening of bore.


For any controversy or complanit or legal matters, the legal authorities of our area will takecare of the matter.

SPL Woodworking Tools Tel. +39 0577 944846 Fax +39 0577 944791

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