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XYLON INTERNATIONAL Bimonthly Wood Industry Trade and Technology

Marzo-aprile 2002 N░ 2, pagina 76

Utensili SPL presents the Universo series router bits which stand out in the wide range of router tools thanks to their flexibility.

By simply replacing the blades you can create very different profiles. A particular locking system ensures quick, precise and safe blade fixing.

The blades automatically position themselves in the right place. Thanks to this system, Utensili SPL is able to make tools with small diameter with two blades and perfect balancing which guarantes better piece finishing operations and allows you to work in complete safety without the vibration that is generated when working at high revolutions and that generally damage the machines.

The Universo series is supplied with five universal bits plus four different series of knives to make doors with sharp edges from one single MDF panel.

The company can also make custom-designed profiles: Utensili SPL in fact is able to develop and suggest all the the necessary machining phases, thus optimising time and costs.

All tools are made with high resistance steel and undergo nickel galavnization which protects them from corrosion and makes them non-sticking.

They are then electronically balanced and laser marked with a serial number to make identification easier. Fax: +390577944791

SPL Woodworking Tools Tel. +39 0577 944846 Fax +39 0577 944791 info@utensilispl.it

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