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XYLON INTERNATIONAL Bimonthly Wood Industry Trade and Technology

Marzo-aprile 2002 N░ 2, pagina 80

Utensili SPL presents the planing head with sharpening knives and Hydroblock blocking hole.

This type of head is the result of many years of experience in woodworking tool design and continuous innovative efforts.

This head is particularly indicated for planing on machines with supported shafts and high feed speeds.

The Hydroblock hydraulic blocking system developed by Utensili SPL is made up of two standardized steel sleeves placed at both ends of the hole of the head.

A pump releases grease at high pressure into the cavity between the walls of the head and the sleeves.

When the grease is introduced into one of the two cavities, the other cavity automatically fills up thanks to a special connection.

The pressure placed on the grease makes the sleeves expand towards the shaft.

This type of blocking allows for maximum cebtering precision, no vibration and, therefore, a higher feed speed of up to 230 meters per minute.

In particular, the Hydroblock blocking system offered by Utensili SPL differs from other similar blocking systems because of ots proven reliability and safety during use.

The knives are blocked on the head with a special wedge that generates a double blocking thrust: the screw thrust and the inclined plane thrust.

The reduced space occupied by the knife blocking allows for heads with a high number of cutters to be manifactured. Tel: +390577944846

SPL Woodworking Tools Tel. +39 0577 944846 Fax +39 0577 944791 info@utensilispl.it

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