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XYLON INTERNATIONAL - Bimonthly Wood Industry Trade and Technology

Marzo-aprile 2002 N░ 2, pagina 83

Utensili SPL offers HM profiled knives that are custom-made according to the customer's requests. Thaks to decades of experience acquired in the field of knife profiling based on customers' drawings or samples, Utensili SPL is able to supply a knife that is geometrically a perfect match to the customer's request.

This type of perfection is made possible through the use of a digital scanner that acqires the profile and then the creation of this profile through the use of a 3D CAD system.

The continuity of further supplies is guaranteed by making reference to a serial number that is laser printed on the knives.

The knives are supplied with a technical data sheet that that indicates all the data to be entered in the programs used when working on NC machines.

The high level performance featured by these knives is guaranteed by the use of HM Micro Grano, one of the top HM qualities available on the world market, and by a profiling operation based on innovative NC systems.

Another factor that guarantees the performance offered by these knives is the search for optimal rakes in realtion to the machine on which the knife will be used and the type of material to be machined, such as solid wood, glulam timber, MDF and other types.

SPL Woodworking Tools Tel. +39 0577 944846 Fax +39 0577 944791 info@utensilispl.it

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